Python is an amazing programming language that makes software development productive and fun. Python is open source, was created by a community of thousands of developers world-wide, and is used by about 14% of all programmers today. These are my thoughts as a user, advocate, co-author of an IDE for Python, and a director of the Python Software Foundation.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Google Summer of Code Results

Google Summer of Code is done and the results are in. The following are the completed projects that were mentored by the Python Software Foundation:

Congratulations to the coders, and thanks to Google for providing the cash that made this possible!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Python's "Answer" to Ruby on Rails?

At PyCon 2005 there was a lot of buzz about Ruby on Rails and why Python doesn't have a single default or recommended web framework. To some extent the answer is that Python has a much bigger community of developers that worked on web frameworks starting much earlier in the history of the web. To another extent, it might be that Python and everything based on Python is perpetually (and to me frustratingly) under-hyped or under-promoted compared to just about everything else in the world of commercial and even open source software. Python is, like, the epicenter of low key technology.

In any case, lately I keep running into Django and Turbogears, two mega-frameworks for web development with Python.

See this post on the Boston Python Interest Group mailing list and also this blog entry.

I admit I know next to nothing about this, but I will certainly check them out the next time I start a new web development project.