Python is an amazing programming language that makes software development productive and fun. Python is open source, was created by a community of thousands of developers world-wide, and is used by about 14% of all programmers today. These are my thoughts as a user, advocate, co-author of an IDE for Python, and a director of the Python Software Foundation.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Wingware Python IDE Open Space at PyCon

Wingware is a silver sponsor for PyCon this year. If you are going, please come see us! We can help you get Wing IDE set up with your code base, answer questions, give demos, or talk about our experiences developing and selling an IDE for Python over the past ten years. Or just say "hello" and pick up some of our beautiful and functional Wingware gliders. We'll be at booth 117 in the Expo Hall Friday afternoon and Saturday most of the day or find us in our Open Space sessions.

Happy PyCon!


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